Canon BR-E1 Bluetooth remote

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Canon BR-E1 Bluetooth remote

Works with  EOS 6D Mark II, 77D, 200D MkII, 250D, 800D, EOS R, RP, M50, M6 Mark II, M200 

Powershot SX70HS, G5X MkII, G7X MkII

Has a wireless range of approximately 4m. 

The beauty of the BR-E1 is that it uses very little power to communicate with your camera. 

When using with a compact like the SX70HS it can control the zoom. 

Has a handy AF button too. 

Won't take up much room in your camera bag or pocket. 

Most of these cameras will run on the Canon Camera Connect App on your phone but the BR-E1 will use less power than your phone.