Hahnel Unipal Mini II charger

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Hahnel Unipal Mini II

Compact Universal Li-Ion battery charger

The UniPal Mini II is versatile and by adjusting the wheels you can charge many different batteries regardless of their polarity.

Use any USB Power Source (min 5V 1A) e.g. Adaptor, Power Bank, in a car or on a plane, solar panels etc.
Charge batteries anywhere even when off grid making it perfect for travel
By omitting a dedicated power supply with the charger, we reduce our carbon emissions and reduce land fill at product end of life.

Features of the UniPal Mini II

One charger for all
Ultra compact universal charger ideal for travel and business use
Use any USB Power Source (min 5V 1A)
No need for dedicated power supply
Charges Li Ion 3.6V/3.7V 7.2V/7.4V batteries
Fine adjustment wheels to easily adjust the charger contacts
Unique dual position contacts allow you to charge a wider range of battery types
Eco friendly packaging

Plastic Free Packaging
We are continuing to make a conscious effort to reduce plastic in our packaging. We will try to use as much recycled material as possible when choosing what to use for our packaging. We have & will continue to use natural ink where possible. When using virgin material wood we are making an effort to ensure that the material is sourced in the most environmentally friendly way.