Nanuk Nano Hard case

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Nanuk Nano Hard case

We can get the whole range of Nanuk hard cases. We keep these smaller ones in stock. 

Nanuk Nano 310 (Orange)

Water resistant and dust proof, the NANO 310 stands up to everything. Its Powerclaw latching system and poly-carbonate shell keep the elements out. Inside, your pocket-size valuables stay safe with a protective web while a clever Smartstrap system ensures the case never leaves your side.

NANUK Nano 330 (Black)

Compact and built for the roughest conditions, the Nano 330 is perfect for larger phones and pocket-size displays. Its interior web keeps items in their place while its Powerclaw latch ensures even the biggest drops wont pop it open. Protected from the elements, the Nano 330 protects your gear with an impact-resistant polycarbonate shell, water resistant design and dust proof seal.