Tasco Luminova 675 x 114mm Refractor Telescope

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This smart design of the Luminova series telescopes is not only a testament to man's ingenuity, but also to your taste in telescopes. The Luminova's quality optics and slow motion controls provide the tools you need to start unlocking the mysteries of space. Two different mounting optics give the Luminova extra versatility, while it's lightweight makes it extremely portable. Add features like superior eye relief and an astonishing field of view and you've got yourself one first-class ticket on the next deep space probe.

A full featured 900mm focal length reflector telescope for beginning and intermediate astronomy enthusiasts.

  • Model: 40114675
  • Specifications: 800mm x 4.5" Reflector
  • Model: Equatorial
  • Finderscope: 6x24mm
  • Focal Ratio: F/8
  • Eyepieces: H25mm (36x)
    - H 12.5mm(72x)
    - SR4mm(225x)
    NB: maximum usable magnification will vary depending on atmospheric conditions and the object being viewed
  • Tripod: Adjustable Aluminum
  • Weight (lbs./kg): 11/5
  • Accessories: Tasco Skywatch CD-ROM, 3x barlow lense, Moon Filter